ARK CONNECT combines not only multichannel communications and integration approaches, but most importantly, ensures the power of efficient, and  harmonized expertise in every project. This is only a small part of what we offer.

Look inside
We know
how to combine
different things
to create really

Integrated campaigns

The knowledge of how our clients' projects should sound, and how to manage our in house expertise, this is not all that we can offer. Our clients are in the caring, strong and sensitive hands of the Agencies' client services team which suit the most demanding expectations of high-level partner communications.

Calm down,
and be sure,
we will lead
you anywhere,
even if you
don’t know
you want
to go…

Client service

Our experience and ability to listen allow us to foresee all possible issues in the course of work and not to spend our clients' time and efforts clarifying and setting up effective interactions.

You have
got the wall,
but we have
got a can
full of bright


We live and breathe with each project, and its special colors are the source of our daily creative inspiration. Our concepts and ideas are not just fancy pictures, but creative solutions to meet our clients' business goals.

there is
only one
but many tools
for reaching it


ARK CONNECT is a full service marketing communication agency that aggregates all of the ARK Group’s expertise for the most effective solutions of large-scale projects. Thus providing our clients with the highest quality service available in the market today.

Event & PR
Media Strategy
PR Retainer
Digital PR & SMM
Celebrities & Speakers
PR Events
OOH Events & Road Show
Corporate PR & Events
Incentive Trips
Market Analysis
Business Modeling & Planning
Channel Strategy
Social Media & Digital Strategy
KPI Definitions
Interactive Installations
Digital Innovation
Digital OOH
Social Connected Products
Face-Detection System
Viral, Ambient & Guerrilla Marketing
creative & design
Creative Concepts
Integrated & Channel Creative
TVC /OOH/Print
3D& Graphics Design
Content Production
digital & crm
Web Development (, MSsql)
Wireframing & Prototyping (UX)
Content Management Systems (bitrix)
Loyalty Programs
EffiCRM & Promo Platform
Conversation Analysis (ROI/ROMI/RR)
KPI Definitions
Monitoring and Analysis
Digital & CRM Analytics
Key Influencer Tracking
Media Reports
Video & Motion Production
Non-Standard & Ambient Construction
Interactive Zone Contraction
Uniform, Print & POSM
WEB, Digital & Back-end
Applications Development
Gift & Souvenirs Production
shopper marketing
KPI Definitions
Integrated Campaigns
Experiential Marketing
Loyalty Programs
Retailer Relationships
ON & OFF TRADE Campaigns
Field Marketing
Measurement and Analytics
Media Strategy
Media Planning
Digital Media Planning
Media Buying
Special Projects
Measurement and Analytics
BTL Execution
Trade Programs
Motivation Programs
Road Show & EVENT Execution
PR Execution
Media Buying Execution
Digital Execution

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